We are steadfast in our commitment to advancing clean energy solutions for Africa, and we're making significant strides in this endeavor. Currently, we are actively developing multiple utility-scale solar PV power projects across Sub- Saharan Africa. Our determination to tackle the pressing issue of power shortages on the continent drives our continuous efforts.

In close collaboration with our local partners, governments, and valued customers, we craft innovative solutions for secure and sustainable energy. Notably, all our projects are undertaken without relying on local subsidies, demonstrating our dedication to self-sufficiency and financial viability.

Our investors share our vision and are resolute in their mission to alleviate Africa's electricity capacity challenges. Together, we are lighting up a brighter, more sustainable future for the African continent.

Meet Our Chief Executive Officer:
Mads Vestergaard Sørensen

Mads Vestergaard Sørensen is the driving force behind Renergy Solar's vision and success as our Chief Executive Officer (CEO). With over 15 years of extensive experience in the Energy and Shipping industry, including diverse roles within the renowned A.P. Moller – Maersk Group, Mads brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to our organization.

A Proven Industry Expert: Mads' impressive track record in the Energy and Shipping sectors speaks to his deep understanding of complex industries. His years of hands-on experience have honed his strategic insight and innovation in developing sustainable solutions.

A Global Perspective: Mads holds an MBA from Insead Business School, further enhancing his global outlook and strategic thinking. This international perspective informs his approach to navigating the ever-evolving landscape of renewable energy.
Mads Vestergaard Sorensen

Meet Our Chief Operating Officer:
Mikkel Hansen

Mikkel Hansen is a dynamic leader at the helm of our management team, serving as our Chief Operating Officer (COO). With over a decade of dedicated investment and business development experience in Sub-Saharan Africa, Mikkel brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for sustainable agriculture and renewable energy to Renergy Solar.

A Visionary Investor: Mikkel's journey in Sub-Saharan Africa is a testament to his commitment to creating a lasting impact. His investment acumen has not only fueled his own success but has also transformed communities by fostering sustainable growth.

A Champion of Collaboration: One of Mikkel's key strengths lies in his ability to collaborate effectively. He has worked closely with various CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) across Africa, gaining invaluable experience in partnership building and community engagement. This experience allows him to lead our team in creating meaningful and lasting connections with local communities.
Mikkel Hansen

Meet Our Chairman:
Dele Awosika

Dele Awosika, our esteemed Chairman, is a distinguished figure in the worlds of entrepreneurship, business development, and government relations. With dual UK and Nigerian heritage, Dele brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success to our organization.

A Serial Entrepreneur: Dele's entrepreneurial spirit is truly exceptional, and his journey as a serial entrepreneur has been characterized by innovation and unwavering determination. He has consistently nurtured and cultivated businesses, creating opportunities for growth and prosperity.

A Global Perspective: Holding an MBA from Keele University in Staffordshire, UK, Dele possesses a truly global outlook that informs his strategic vision. His academic background, coupled with his practical experience, equips him to adeptly navigate the intricacies of the international business landscape.
Dele Awosika

Meet Alfonso Ippolito:
Director of the African Region

Alfonso Ippolito brings 41 years of African continent experience to his role. He holds a degree in Economics and Trade, with Masters in Management and Finance from the University of Hartford and the University of Connecticut, USA.

In 2016, the Government of Zimbabwe appointed him as Honorary Consul of the Republic of Zimbabwe in Italy.

Since 2005, Alfonso has been passionately supporting a solidarity project aiding young students of 'Kibera Primary School' in Nairobi, Kenya, serving the underprivileged Kibera slum. Alfonso's remarkable journey, coupled with his dedication to social development, makes him a pivotal figure in Renergy Solar's mission to bring sustainable energy solutions to Africa. His vast experience, global perspective, and unwavering commitment benefit our organization and the communities we serve.
Alfonso Ippolito